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Hana Blažíková & Collegium Marianum

The voice of the famous Czech soprano Hana Blažíková will again be heard in Antwerp alongside the Czech Baroque Orchestra Collegium Marianum.

Young Czech specializes in medieval and baroque music, which she fell in love with after graduating from music and philosophy at the Prague Conservatory and Charles University. On the Antwerp scene, she will present Czech music from the 18th century by Jiránek and Zelenka. Other Baroque gems on the programme were penned by Johann Ernst and J.S. Bach. The latter reworked the original version of his cantata for bass, oboe, strings and basso continuo, BWV 82, for a higher, soprano range in 1731, consequently creating a dialogue between the singer and the higher traverso. Hana Blažíková brings the concert season to a masterly close.


 Jana Semerádová, traverso & artistic direction

Hana Blažíková, soprano  

Lenka Torgersen, viola


J.S. Bach: Ich habe genug, BWV 82

F. Jiranek: Concerto in D for flute

J. Ernst, prince of Weimar: Concerto in d for viol, strings and basso continuo, opus 1 no. 4

G.F. Händel & J.D. Zelenka: sopraanaria's

When: 25th March 2018

Where: Amuz, Kammenstraat 81, 2000, Antwerp

More informations & tickets here.




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