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18-jul.-2017 - 6-aug.-2017

Deadtown by Formans theatre comes back to Belgium this summer

After a successful theatre performance in Marchin (Belgium), Deadtown by Formans theatre comes back to town! This time, Formans will build their theatre tent in the city of Deurne, which is located close to Antwerp. From 17th July to 6th August you will be once again able to visit the world of cowboys, courtesans or horse stealers. Forman brothers will be hosted by Zomer van Antwerpen theatre festival, which will offer many other remarkable theatre performances.

Festival Zomer van Antwerpen comes with unconventional and original theatre, which enables the public to experience brand new adventure. According to the festival, the place is the key thing for perceiving the performance right. Therefore, every performance or play has its own particular spot. Their theatres are located in the nature, on the roof or in abandoned houses. Zomer van Antwerpen hosts national and also international projects and connects literature, music, theatre, dance, slam poetry etc.

 Formans theatre will build their theater world at one of those places. Their performance is a mixture of modern circus, theatre, film and great actors. Come and experience the atmosphere of the Western city, where in an old piano bar the cowboys drink together with prostitutes while outside rage the burglars. Formans theatre knows how to tune up the atmosphere with the help of background music or props, which are tuned in the tone of sepia.

Read the reviews on the Deadtown performance in Marchin here: http://brussels.czechcentres.cz/cs/media/o-nas-v-mediich/

Entrance: €12

When: 18th July – 6th August 2017 - every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 8PM

Where: Scouts Sint-Bernadette Schotensesteenweg 240, Deurne

More information at https://www.zva.be/content/deadtown

Scouts Sint-Bernadette, Schotensesteenweg 420, Deurne

Van: 18-jul.-2017
T/m: 6-aug.-2017

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