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17-jun.-2016 - 24-jun.-2016

Film We Are Never Alone at the Brussels Film Festival 2016

This year's Brussels Film Festival is dedicated to the best of European cinema and brings more than 100 feature and short films from more than 20 countries. The film We Are Never Alone from the Czech director Petr Václav will be screened in cooperation with Czech Centre in Brussels in presence of one of the main actresses Klaudia Dudová and executive producer Vendy Fenclová at Studio 5 at Flagey on Wednesday 22nd June at 10pm. The guests will be also available for Q&A after the screening. Thanks to the support of the Representation of Pilsen Region in Brussels you can look forward to tasting Pilsen beer before the screening. The film will be screened also at Studio 5 at Flagey on Thursday 23rd June from 6pm.

A village in the Czech countryside, a few houses wedged between a prison and a brothel. The stage is set. Petr Vaclav illustrates a portrait of characters on the margin: a paranoid prison guard, a hypochondriac neighbor watching the saleswoman of the single store falling in love with the local pimp himself in love with a prostitute... The atmosphere of the film seems tragic but in fact the dark humor sets the real tone in this social fable about a disoriented society. A remarkable and original film that is both challenging and disturbing.



Photo : Stepan Kucera





The Brussels Film Festival is getting ready for a new edition, the 14th since its establishment at Flagey. From the 17th to 24th of June, as usual, the team is willing to demonstrate you the richness of European cinema, which is alive and kicking. 8 days of exploring more than 20 european countries, 100 feature and shortfilms selected out of more than 1000 movies, more than 50.000 euros in prizes to encourage the cinematographical creation and promotion in Europe, a Panorama Section, avant-premières, Belgian short films, and Movie Docs. Of course a diverse, but convinced European jury, a very expected guest of honor, actors and directors who come to defend their film. Also on the program : debates, conferences master classes, DJ sets and of course our famous open-air screenings, free and convivial. 

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 Studio 5, Flagey, Brussels 



22nd June at 10pm (with the presence of actress Kladia Dudové and executive producer Vendy Fenclová)


23rd June at 6pm







Van: 17-jun.-2016
T/m: 24-jun.-2016

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