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4-nov.-2016 16:00 - 5-nov.-2016

Screening of the short movie ‚ZOO Story‘at the children's film festival Filem'On

“ZOO Story”, a short animated film called by Veronika Zacharová will be presented during the 10th edition of the international festival for kids Filem’On. The cute story tells about the adventures of a little girl with a lonely gorilla at the ZOO. Screenings are held on 4th (Cinema Aventure) and 5th November (Sphinx cinema).

About the film:

Going to the zoo with a very, very busy mom can be boring, unless you find other friends to play with. Such as a lonely gorilla who is grateful for any company. But what seems like an adventure for someone may be nerve-wrecking for somebody else, namely their mother. (Zoo Story)

The animated cartoon is screened at the festival within a cycle of short films and is without dialogues.


About the author:

Veronika Zacharová is a graphic designer, animator and aspiring director. She studied graphic design at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno and animation at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. Apart from cartoon animation she is also combining illustration and graphic design in her work.

(Veronika Zacharová)

About the festival:

This year Filem’On celebrates its 10th anniversary! The international festival for kids will take place in a wide range of cinema’s and other public spaces from the 30th of October until the 6th of November. If you’re older than two years, it is the festival for you! More than a hundred movies will be shown, and besides that a lot of creative workshops and many cinema concerts will be organized. A jury panel consisting of teenagers will select the winners among the newest movies in the competition class, and many movie directors will come and present their work. The theme this year is music, because what is a celebration without music? To enhance the anniversary Filem’On focuses on musical films, musicals and other music related movies. The movies will handle the theme music in different ways, music and sound will be included in the movie shows, workshops and happenings. The movie program will include everything from experimental short movies to old classics. (Filem'On)

The festival takes place in more than a dozen of cinemas in Brussels from 30th October to 06th November 2016.

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More information about the film "Zoo Story":



When and where:

4th November 2016 from 4PM at GC Nekkersdal, Boulevard Emile Bockstael 107, Brussels

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5th November 2016 from 2.30PM at the Sphinx Cinema, Sint-Michielshelling 3, Ghent

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Nekkersdal, Boulevard Emile Bockstael 107, Brusel


Van: 4-nov.-2016 16:00
T/m: 5-nov.-2016

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