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9-feb.-2018 - 18-feb.-2018

ANIMA introduces Czech films for children

Every year, the Flagey cinema becomes a heaven for animated film lovers.  Also the Czech Republic is often present , this year in two competition categories. Two Czech films - "Fruits of Clouds" by Kateřina Karhánková and "We're Human, After All" by Jan Míka were nominated in category of the best short films. On Sunday 11th Jan Míka will personally introduce his film. The audience will also be able to watch a short series about Rosa’s and Dara's Adventures, followed with "The New Species", both directed by young Czech directors. The ANIMA festival will feature more than 120 short animated films in several categories..

Fruits of Clouds (CZ, 2017, 10', directed by Kateřina Karhánková) – A fairytale-like, poetic film about crossing borders and a courage to enter the unknown world. This film will be screened with other short films within the "Best of Shorts 4" on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 February. It competes in a category of the best short professional films. This film selection will be screened in original languages ​​with English, French and Flemish subtitles. More information about the films and tickets here.

We're Human, After All (CZ, 2016, 17', directed by Jan Míka jr.) - A film combining animation and feature film captures the world of the main hero, a hare that has to face the danger of hunters and other animals in the woods.

This short film competing in a category of short student films will be screened with a couple of others within the "Best of Shorts 5" twice - on Sunday 11 and Wednesday 14 February. The screenings will be held in original languages ​​with English, French and Flemish subtitles.

During the festival the director Jan Míka jr. will be present. He will introduce his film on Sunday 11 February at 6PM.

More information about screened films and tickets here.

Apart from the competitive films, the festival will offer two more Czech student films. Children audience will have the chance to meet animated twins Rosa and Dara and share their holiday adventure. This film will be followed by two short animated films from Czech and French production – “The New Species” by Kateřina Karhánková and “Two Friends” by Natalija Černyšjova.

The New Species (CZ, 2013, 6'30 '', directed by Kateřina Karhánková) - A short animated story about three children and one mysterious bone.

Rosa & Dara and Their Great Adventures (CZ, 2015, 26', directed by Martin Duda) - The first day at school, all the children share their holiday experiences.  It turns out that Rosa and Dara in spite of being at grandma’s place have actually experienced the greatest adventure of all.

The screening will be held on Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15 February, in French language. More information and tickets here.

When: 9 – 18 February, 2018

Where: Cinematek Flagey, Place Sainte Croix 4, 1050 Brussels

For more information about the festival visit the official site http://www.animafestival.be





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