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11-okt.-2016 12:40

Europeana by Patrik Ouředník at BOZAR

Europeana by Patrik Ouředník, currently the most translated Czech book, will be presented on stage directed by Virginia Thirion at BOZAR during Les Midis du Theatre. The work introduces principal events of the 20th century and spectators in Brussels will have a chance to see the performance starring Anna-Marie Loop on 11th October 2016 at 12:40PM.


Europeana: A Brief History of the Twentieth Century” is Patrik Ouředník's novel which represents the twentieth century in all its contradictions and grand illusions, demonstrating that nothing substantial has changed between 1900 and 1999 - humanity is still hopeful for the future and still mired in age-old conflicts. As he demonstrates that nothing can be reduced to a single, true viewpoint, Ouředník mixes hard facts and idiosyncratic observations, highlighting the horror and absurdity of the twentieth century and the further absurdity of attempting to narrate this history. The book was nominated for the prestigious Magnesia Litera Award in 2001 (Europeana)


More info: Official website of BOZAR

When: 11th October 2016, 12:40PM

Where: Studio, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels


Studio, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Bruxelles


11-okt.-2016 12:40

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