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10-feb.-2018 19:00

Envisioning the New World: Evening with T. G. Masaryk

T. G. Masaryk, the first Czechoslovak President, was a proponent of holistic learning, where science and arts are combined. Picking up on this typical modernist notion, the evening about the founding ideas of 1918 Czechoslovakia combines a lecture by professor Alain Soubigou of Sorbonne, and a dramatization of a major literary piece of that era, capturing Masaryk’s personality in a complex way. The evening will be held in Rotunda Bertouille, BOZAR on 10 February from 7PM as a part of multidisciplinary weekend program dedicated to courageous experiments in culture and politics including also book presentation, film screening and jazz concert.


Interwar Czechoslovakia, “the First Republic”, is the mythical golden age for Czechs. The country lived its dream about perfect society – but a reference point for decades to come. The two biggest names of that era are Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, and Karel Čapek – the President, and the Writer.

Masaryk revolutionized Czech thinking years before becoming the first Czechoslovak president: a feminist, a sociologist and a philosopher, a theorist of a suicide as a symptom of fragmentation of modern human knowledge. In 1918, a founder of the independent republic, adored by the whole nation.

Karel Čapek, the visionary author of theatre plays War with the Newts and RUR, was a part of Masaryk’s closest circle, even though younger by four decades. He died just days before the Second World War, most probably in presentiment about the devastation of his world.

Talks with TGM is a record of 9 years of conversations between Čapek and Masaryk. The book captures in a complex way the spirit of that era. Interpreted by young Czech performers, the dramatization of Talks with TGM casts light on the ideas that we refer to today. How up-to-date do they sound?

The students from International conservatory Prague were addressed to present, in artistic way, how they perceive Czechia in the 100th year of its statehood. As many others, they have become a contributors to the Czech Image Project initiated by Czech Centres in the framework of a wide range of events organised on the occasion of the centenary of our republic.

The performance will be introduced by a talk by professor Alain Soubigou of the Sorbonne University, a leading scholar, and the author of the biography Thomas Masaryk (Fayard 2002), the most influential book on this personality internationally.


When: Saturday 10 February from 7PM

Where: Rotunda Bertouille, BOZAR, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels

Free entrance.

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10-feb.-2018 19:00

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