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Hulencourt Art Project: Ingrid Sotolářová

On 9th Septembre, Hulencourt (Vieux-Genappe) will feature another of its famous concerts. The program of the soirée that will feature Czech musician Ingrid Sotolářová, Greek flutist Sofia Mavrogenidou and French violinist Augustin Dumay includes Mozart, Dvorak, Rachmaninov ou Franck. The experience is unique due to the location of the concert – Golf Club of Hulencourt.


Greek flutist Sofia Mavrogenidou and Czech pianist based in Portugal Ingrid Sotolářová are bonded not only by a lifelong friendship but also by a great love for Czech classical music. Their artistic collaboration started more than 20 years ago. Sofia and Ingrid present work of Czech composers (A. Dvorak, B. Martinu, V. Blodek, K. Stamic) within concerts, music seminars and festivals in various European countries (Spain, Portugal, Greece and the Czech Republic). Apart of Czech music their repertoire includes also work of other composers of chamber music such as C. Franck, C. Reinecke, J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart and F. Poulenc.

This time, with the guest of honour, French violinist and conductor, Augustin Dumay.

Program: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonín Dvořák, Sergej Rachmaninov, Claude Bolling, César Franck, Atala Vivanko, S. Mavrogenidou

Hulencourt Art Project

Based at the Club since 2008, this independent project includes an acclaimed Chamber Orchestra of international young soloists, which forms part of a concert series encompassing world class soloists and chamber groups. The Club hosts three concerts a year with the others taking place in Brussels. There is also a music school, and other cultural activities such as exhibitions, helping to promote Hulencourt to be a platform for high level cultural diversity.


Where: Bruyère d’Hulencourt, 15 B-1472 Vieux-Genappe

When : 9th Spetember

More information : http://www.golfhulencourt.be/the-club/hulencourt-art-project/


Bruyère d’Hulencourt, 15 B-1472 Vieux-Genappe


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