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8-sep.-2016 - 11-sep.-2016

DRDOVA GALLERY & Jan Nálevka at “Art On Paper” fair in Brussels

Drdova Gallery, an art gallery from Prague, will bring Jan Nálevka to the art fair “Art On Paper” to BOZAR, Brussels this September. The fair is held from 8th to 11th September and will present brand new drawings by Nálevka, whose previous work called “dash” (“pomlčka”) were lately on display in Prague’s well known venue Karlin Studios.

His currently last work reflects the concept of a “dash” – the drawing is 8 metres long and it took 2 years to create it. Jan Nálevka will bring the same concept to Brussels with smaller “dashes” up to 2 metres long.  He is represented by Drdova Gallery.

Jan Nálevka creates installations, makes videos and primarily works in the medium of drawing to which he devotes hundreds of hours of work. For a second decade, he has been dealing with systems and their systematic fulfilling. In his choice of the given system, he always takes into consideration whether its use will lead to the formation of a reduced “minimalist“ visuality.

More information: http://www.drdovagallery.com/artists/jan-nalevka

About „Art On Paper“

Drawing enjoys significant consideration on the international arts scene, whether it comes to exhibitions, biennial arts events and art critic reviews, to institutions and individuals whose collections are committed to drawings, or still to galleries and specialised fairs. While in the past, drawing used to be confined to the auxiliary rank of artistic practice, it now holds its own place in the world of contemporary art; the medium has succeeded in conquering its autonomy.

Art on Paper has made itself the sounding board for this pertinence that is specific to the medium by devoting itself strictly to drawing in its most contemporary expression. For this second edition, taking place at BOZAR from 8 to 11 september 2016, the Brussels contemporary drawing show is taking possession of the Terarken rooms with a plan to connect some twenty-five solo shows selected from international galleries. An artist's stroke will thus stand out within each exhibition space.

More informationhttp://www.artonpaper.be/?page=Art-on-paper&lang=En

When: 8th – 11th Semptember 2016

Where: Terarken rooms, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels

Entry: 6 - 8€


Terarken rooms, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brusel


Van: 8-sep.-2016
T/m: 11-sep.-2016

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