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Belgian premiere: Domestique

“To outsiders, Roman and Charlotte are the perfect couple, but inside their house — where director Adam Sedlák turns their OCD routines into the stuff of horror — it's a different story.” read the review at Variety.com

The 12th edition of Offscreen film festival in Brussels brings a film that quite objectively outstand the majority of 2018 Czech production either by its subject - obsessively ambitious couple who, gradually, loose their relationship and themselves - and its genre which goes from psychological fiction to thriller almost horror end.

The film will be screened in the Belgian premiere!

“Czech everyman Roman (Jiří Konvalinka) is a “domestique,” a professional cyclist who works for a team where he’s one of the road racers aiding their top talent. Creating the slipstream that conserves the energy of the potential winner by literally keeping him out of the wind is a tiring and thankless job, as all the sweat, blood and tears will finally help obtain someone else the desired result. Though the film could do a better job of explaining the role of a domestique for those unfamiliar with professional cycling — a recurring shot of Roman in front of shelves full of awards at home might be especially confusing — there is a clear sense that a kind of pent-up frustration is part of the competitor’s unusual drive to excel even more, perhaps in the vain hope of becoming a winner himself. What’s not helping is that Roman isn’t a young pup anymore and that his creepy doctor is suggesting illegal blood transfusions. Read the review by The Hollywood Reporter here.

Within the Offscreen film festival, the audience will also see two Czech short animated films: The Fruits of Clouds (2017) of the director Kateřina Karhánková and The Little Cousteau (2013) of the director Jakub Kouřil. "Cineketje"30 March 2019 (15:00) Cinema Nova



When: 28 March 2019 at 19:00

    Cineketje - 30 March 2019 at 15:00

Where: Cinema NOVA

More information on the festival: www.offscreen.be


Cinema NOVA/Cinematek



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