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5-okt.-2015 19:30

Documondays- I Am in space

On Monday, 5th of October at 19:30, you are invited to the screening of German movie by Dana Ranga, I Am in Space, as a part of the Documondays edition.

I Am in Space, Dana Ranga, Germany, 98 min, 2012

The space video diary of an experienced astronaut, NASA material that hasn't been presented before and the findings of the space psychologists reveal the changes of the human psyche during long-term space flights. Russian space psychologists have researched and tracked these changes. More than 50 astronauts and cosmonauts worldwide have been interviewed for this film in a period of 15 years. Never before has an astronaut permitted a filmmaker to watch and use the private tapes he has shot while being in space. 

When: 5th October 2015 at 7.30 PM

Where: Cinema Aventure, rue des Fripiers 57, Galerie du Centre Bloc II, 1000 Brussels

Entry: 5 EUR

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/135614326782112/


Cinema Aventure, Galerie du Centre 57 (rue des Fripiers), 1000 Brussels


5-okt.-2015 19:30

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