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21-sep.-2015 19:30

Documondays - El Rayo

On Monday, 21th September, you are invited to the screening of Spanish movie El Rayo, as a part of the Documondays edition.


This time we are introducing movie by Fran Araujo. It is 2011, the crisis is at its height and there is no work. Time for illegal immigrant Hassan to buy a second-hand tractor with all his savings and use it to drive back to Morocco. An exceptional road movie featuring an irrepressible optimist in the lead role.

After the screening, there will be a debate with the director, refreshements included. 

When: 21 september at 7.30pm
Where: Cinema Aventure, rue des Fripiers 57, Galerie du Centre Bloc II, 1000 Brussels
More informationhttps://www.facebook.com/events/135614326782112/

Entry: 5 EUR


Cinema Aventure, Galerie du Centre 57 (rue des Fripiers), 1000 Brussels


21-sep.-2015 19:30

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