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1-nov.-2020 18:15

CANCELLED: Koudelka shooting Holy land“ at Brussels Art Film Festival 2020

Czech documentary photographer Josef Koudelka became famous all over the world after his photos of Invasion to Prague 1968 made it to world media. On the 1st of November 2020 Cinematek will screen a documentary Koudelka Shooting Holy land, filmed by a young Israeli filmmaker Gilad Barem. Screening takes place on the occasion of 20th anniversary of BAFF (Brusel Art film festival).

Synopsis: Josef Koudelka is going to the war zone. It is 2008 and it’s not for the first time for him. Over fifty years ago, he documented the Soviet-led troupes entering Prague in August 1968 and smuggled the photos out of the country only to exile couple of years later to France. Filming of the documentary took five years. On one side there is a specific humour and wisdom of a very experienced photograph – Koudelka, but at the same the young drive and passion represented by Barem behind the camera gives the film its unique energy. Koudelka shooting Holy land.


More information: Cinematek (cinematek.be)

When: 1.11. 2020, 18:15

Where: Rue 9, Baron Horta, 1000 Brussels

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CINEMATEK, 9 rue Baron Horta 1000 Bruxelles


1-nov.-2020 18:15

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