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7-mei-2019 - 3-aug.-2019

EXTENDED: Daniel Špaček: 100 years from now

Czech illustrator presents his vision of future in 100 years in his new exhibition “100 years from now” that will be opened during the family afternoon Métro, Robot, dodo at the premises of PointCulture, the cultural and community spot in Luik/Liège.

Daniel Špaček is illustrator living in Prague, Czech Republic and currently partially in Sweden. Over the years he worked on many different projects and types of work, ranging from illustration, animation, idea making and concept art to the art production cooperation with Czech Television (a public television in the Czech Republic) on miniseries about Czech astronauts on their way to the Moon - KOSMO. He also created the visual style for Czech TV children channel - ČT déčko (ČT :D outro).  Apart from the public TV, he also worked for private TV channels such as TV NOVA, MTV (MTV CHillout zone) and clients as HBO, Coca Cola or Czech Olympic Committee (Prague's Olympic park winter 2014, Olympic lessons).

He is also guest at many animation film festivals (Anifest, Anifilm, Zlín Film Festival…) and he is working as teacher (Prague College and Art College Gothenburg, Sweden).

For Daniel Špaček, astronauts were and are the heroes and therefore his source of inspiration. They allow us to see our world from another, a wider perspective. With his illustrations, he attempts to do the same on a smaller scale and that’s why he has so much fun while drawing. Exhibition “100 years from now” shows Earth and its colonies in the future – in 2119. There are no limits for imagination and for Daniel Špaček, the only limit is the end of paper.


When: 7 May – 3 August (opening hours)

Where: PointCulture Liège, Rue de l'Official 1-5, 4000 Liège


PointCulture Liege

Van: 7-mei-2019
T/m: 3-aug.-2019

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