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9-nov.-2018 - 11-nov.-2018

Czech & Slovak Fashion Festival

Fresh ideas, superb craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing are common traits of the work of contemporary young Czech and Slovak fashion designers. Fashion design from experimental to minimalist, for women and men, statement accessories, design toys, outstanding jewellery… 18 Czech and Slovak shooting stars at a designers market in Halles St. Géry, all of them personally present.

The designers will also lead a workshop in upcycling on Saturday 3 pm, so bring your old pieces and give them a new life with modern embroidery or creative resewing. B2B program included (see below). Free entry entire weekend!

Free entry for the whole weekend, workshops on Saturday 10 November, creative babysitting  +  children's workshop (more information below)




... is the brand which fabricates sporty back packs meant for cycling and travelling was inspired by the climbing equipment from 80’s. Two young architects from Czech Republic, who founded the brand in 2010, proceed from simplicity and functionality in their products. They will introduce in Brussels the collection of backpacks made from nylon fibre and cotton fibre with combination of leather. For more information here.


… is an alumnus of UMPRUM in Prague, who has been nominated 3 years ago for the Czech Grand Design. Eva puts emphasis on experimenting with nature materials and technology. Her jewellery was seen at significant fashion shows back in New York City, Milan or in Munich. 




… is a production of two young designers Petra Bindr and Barbora Nováková. Unique pieces are made of concrete, semi-precious Czech stones or golden components. Fakticky design is going to present its first two collections ever at the festival - My Space and Options. Both the collections are pervaded by the motive of disturbed perfection or incompletion created by combining a clear geometrical shape with an uneven semi-precious stone.


... is a toy shop which specializes in the production in the Czech Republic exclusively. Along with traditional brands like Kovap, Fatra or Detoa, Hugo chodí bos (link here) offers toys and decorations from contemporary Czech designers and makers.

Lenka Sršňová

… is a fashion designer who graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and completed her studies in Finland and Paris. Inspired by the iconic Slovak painter Ľudovít Fulla, her latest collection named FULLOVE easily transforms the artist’s works into contemporary fashion collection. The collection features cotton and satin dresses, tops, skirts, trousers, coats as well as Lenka’s signature printed leggings. More info here.

LOVE? with the question mark

... is a fashion collection for all the human being living in the liquid reality of the beginning of 21st century. It's a platform, an idea; a question asked in the world where nothing is sure and where nothing is the same. The collection of clothes is about pure raw energy, emotions, tears and blood. More here.



... is a porcelain and ceramic designer Martina Klbečková, openly interested in kitsch and mass production, balancing between art and design. Her series of farm animal-shaped jewellery inspired by the internationally comprehensible idiom “cast pearls before swine” represents a distinctive and humorous connection of jewellery design and traditional Czechoslovak porcelain crafts. Link here.


Monika Mongol is a fashion designer with an eternal wanderlust, seeking inspiration in the folklore and unique traditional motives. She likes to work with a good quality materials, minimalist aesthetics and machine embroidery. Her trademark is a sophisticated play of contrasts and emotions where elegance coexists with provocation.


Natálie Vencovská

Work of twenty years old fashion design student Natálie from Brno is inspired by vintage style, female empowerment as well as fashion photography. Handmade elements and playing with female elements create a significant character of her collections of womenswear.  


… is an established fashion accessories studio founded by Aneta Vojtová and Tereza Horáková. It is engaged with design and production of minimalistic and practical, yet highly fashionable bags, backpacks and other leather accessories. For more information click here.


… is a brand of the designer Michaela Bednárová who reflects today’s Slovakia, seeks inspiration in its everyday life and brings positive and lightweight view on the landscape. Puojd focuses on the fabrication of womenswear, menswear or gift items.


… was made by designers Alice Klouzková a Jana Jetelová. Although it originally specialized in menswear, which forms the core of its collections up to now, womenswear has been gradually included too. Outstanding quality tailoring as well as cooperation with small local textile factories are its significant features. To know more click here.

Sofya Samareva

… creates playful and practical headwear from traditional materials such as 100% rabbit felt. With her work Sofya blurs the boundaries between fashion and art and offers a contemporary alternative to the classical hat. Her headwear is an official visual of this year’s Czech & Slovak Fashion festival!


… is significant by its original architectural background - strictly minimalist style, innovative cuts, timelessness and elegance. Not only designer Zuzana Basterrech specialized in women and men dress shirts but in dresses, coats and blazers which make a big part of the collection. More info here.

Studio MUCK

… focuses on interior design as well as furniture and interior accessories eager to combine trade-crafted materials, playful details and pure visual form. They will bring a must-have design Christmas gifts! To discover more click here.

Štěpánková / Kladošová

The work of Anna Štěpánková and Tereza Rosálie Kladošová spreads over wider range of disciplines, such as fashion, interior design, window display, installations and set design. They often set themselves a challenge to explore new materials. More about here.


Theó is a Brno based fashion label that significantly focuses on the topic of slow fashion. Except for continual seasonal or theme collections, the designer Andrea Lojkásková addresses in her work various workshops, collaborations and lecturing activities within diverse projects supporting sustainable fashion. Her designs mix genders, styles, moods, as well as materials and characters. Yet the strong unifying theme is the question of speediness in various stages of fashion process.

We are not sister

… is a womenswear label of modern and minimalistic garments with sophisticated details represented by two Slovak designers Lucia Jarošová and Tamara Tóthová Markovičová. Collections are cohesive and simple at first glance, but a closer look reveals some playful twists. For more click here


+ workshops:
Saturday 9 15:00 – 17:00
Théo / Andrea Lojkásková – upcycling, resewing
Monika Mongol – modern embroidery
Tereza Kladošová – upcycling, DIY

In the mezzanin - go upstairs or ask us where to go to join the workshops!

entry free, registration due to capacity reasons advised at  info@kjmk.eu


Where: Halles St. Géry, Place Saint-Géry 1, 1000 Brussels 

When:  9 - 11 november 2018 

Friday 12:00h - 20:00h 

Saturday 12:00h - 20:00h; upcycling workshop at 15:00h

Sunday 12:00h - 18:00h


Creative babysitting: Saturday from 13:00h – 17:00h with GAMINE Design and Dílna D. in the cellar
Children workshops: Sunday - 13:00 - 13:40 and 14:00 - 14:40 with Slovak designer Lenka Sršňová in the mezzanine





Visual by: Dana Filipova



Halles Saint-Géry, 1000 BXL


Van: 9-nov.-2018
T/m: 11-nov.-2018

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