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23-aug.-2018 14:00

Clarinet Factory at the festival Hide&Seek in Brussels !

The ‘Clarinet Factory’ is a Czech quartet composed of Jindřich Pavliš, Luděk Boura, Vojtěch Nýdl and Petr Valášek. These 4 musicians describing themselves as a factory, are capable to vibrate the impressive spheres of the ULB High Voltage Laboratory without any amplification! Their music is of the classic genre, minimally influenced by jazz and by their love for the music of the world. The ULB High Voltage Laboratory was created in the 1940s to test the resistance of the high voltage lines running in our fields.

Come the 23rd August, to live this unique musical experience and to make you train your hair of electricity by the quartet’s clarinets organized by Muziekpublique!

After this amazing experience a guided visit of ULB-Solbosch will take place to talk to you about the development and advances of this campus in the center of Ixelles.


When : 23rd August from 2pm

Where : ULB High Voltage Laboratory, avenue Adolphe Buyllaan (Bloc D)

Prices : Normal 14 €, Category 1 12 €

More information : https://muziekpublique.be/concerts/clarinet-factory-cz-high-voltage-lab/



Laboratoire Haute Tension ULB, avenue Adolphe Buyllaan (Bloc D)


23-aug.-2018 14:00

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