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8-apr.-2020 20:00

Cirk La Putyka (A)Live!

Follow live-stream of the unmissable Cirk La Putyka - Prague-based new circus company that have been forced to postpone or cancel their shows due to the government regulations and the uncertain situation surrounding the spread of coronavirus.


Next show: 8 April 8pm here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2130613480418447


Since 2008 the originally small group of enthusiasts who wanted to create a single performance has grown into a grouping of almost one hundred actors, dancers, acrobats, musicians, producers, technicians, doctors, make-up artists and other professionals. Following the unexpected success of the debut show La Putyka the brothers Rosťa and Vítek Novák founded Cirk La Putyka. The first as the artistic director and the second as the executive director have since then set the direction and speed of travel for our theatre and contemporary circus wagon.

Over the first ten years of our existence we created more than 20 projects, we cooperated with more than 300 people of 25 nationalities, we gave more than 1,500 performances and visited more than 21 countries.


You can find more of Czech Culture online here: http://brussels.czechcentres.cz/nl/cultuur-online/


8-apr.-2020 20:00

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