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17-feb.-2019 21:15

CINEMATEK: The Loves of a Blonde

The Loves of a Blonde tells a story about a life disillusion. Nevertheless, there are still elements of a comedy that are underscored by some cliché dialogs. The film reflects the real life in Czechoslovakia, which creates one gripping line of the plot.

Hana Brejchová plays the leading role and is backed by the ingenious Vladimír Pucholt. Because of the gripping story, the film was successful not only in Czechoslovakia, but also abroad. It was nominated for Oscars and Golden Globes in category “The Best un-English film”. Moreover, the British film magazine Empire listed it in the best 100 foreign language films of all times.

When: 17 February 2019 at 21:15

Where: CINEMATEK, 9 rue Baron Horta, 1000 Brussels

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17-feb.-2019 21:15

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