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17-nov.-2017 - 19-nov.-2017

Czech Fashion & Design Weekend 2017

The sixth edition of showcase will again bring the best of the Czech fashion scene together with accessories, jewellerery or paper design to the cozy space of Pilsen House. The event brings together top Czech designers sharing the same principles: originality and energetic attitude. You will have the opportunity to be the first ones to see the brand-new collection of purses, other designers will present their unique jewellery, diaries, porcelain objects and design toys. These cold autumn days usually ask for some good cake and we guarantee you that as well.


Featured brands:


In its concept, TEABAG joins beautiful and efficient. Its author Pavla Zimmermanová aims to avoid any waste of material thus she is making her products of first-quality unused upholsterer´s fabric. The purses are in their form inspired – unsurprisingly – by tea bag. In Brussels, TEABAG will present its new collection made in collaboration with another Czech designer- Eva Chmelová.


Jarka Jindráková is the fashion designer behind the JJ brand. Her fall collection is based on the freedom of movement, pureness, inner energy and spontaneity. Both lightness and elegance of Japanese minimalism carry through the original designs of the textiles - the signature of JJ.


LESITO toys make the eyes of the smallest visitors spark! LESITO offers a range of stuffed animals inspired by fairytales and magic to help the children develop their imagination. Every piece is handmade and original. Besides the toys, LESITO offers leporellos, small decorations, and animal brooches as well.


This brand’s name represents its basic ideas: recycling and splendor (“paráda”). Its author Kateřina Říhová believes that there is nothing like a dress made with love and attention to detail, standing out the mainstream fashion industry.


Adéla has found her inspiration in her studies of architecture. She uses glass, aluminum, magnets and polymers creating jewellery remarkable for its simple geometrical lines.


The Prague-based brand manufactures its diaries, notebooks, and sketchbooks only from eco-paper and recycled materials. Every product is a unique piece made with an emphasis on a perfect execution using eco-friendly procedures.


La Femme Mimi’s dresses combine elegance, comfort, and refined silhouette to highlight feminine charm. The author has presented her first collection in 2008. Since then, she has established herself on Prague scene due to her colorful, daring yet elegant design. La Femme Mimi has also subscribed to the zero-waste fashion movement.


The designer behind YO SOY, Petra, is playing with (a)symmetrical forms while using novel and original materials such as a plastic film, wooden veneer or a rope when creating her signature jewellery.


The author of the non-profit project, Jiří Sikora, is a passionate chef and a baker amateur whose sole goal is to make is friends and family happy.  For Czech Fashion and Design weekend, he has prepared extraordinary sweet treats. All revenues will be in favor of the children in a day care center in the Czech town Ústí nad Orlicí. 


ORGANIZERS: Czech Centre Brussels, Representation of the South Moravian Region in Brussels,  Representation of the Pilsen Region in Brussels 


When: 17th – 19th of November 2017

Friday: 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Saturday: 12:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Sunday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Where: Pilsen House, 31, Place Jamblinne de Meux, Brussels








Van: 17-nov.-2017
T/m: 19-nov.-2017

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