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9-mrt.-2019 21:30

ANIMA: Bloody Fairy Tales (Tereza Kovandová, 2018)

 ANIMA 2019 traditionally invites the small fans of animation and fairy tales and features over 150 animated films during the spring break in Brussels. Oh the other hand, the festival also invites a big number of young talented animators and students of film who can present their film and enter the international competition. During the Animated night, the marathon of short film screenings, Czech animator and FAMU student, Tereza Kovandová, will introduce her film based on the classic fairy tales with a very modern twist.

“World famous fairy tales re-make into minute episodes, where the key approach is black humor, cynicism, and actual modernization. Unpredictable storylines, love, sex, drugs, and lack of happy endings. Fairy tales for the new millennium.” Watch trailer here.

When: 9 March 2019

Where: Flagey, Brussels

More on programme: www.animafestival.be/


Flagey, Brussels


9-mrt.-2019 21:30

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