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17-nov.-2018 16:30

Building New States and Cities - Brno and Zlín in BOZAR

After 1918 there were new Post-Imperial states of Central, Eastern and South-Western Europe which participated in this ambitious project for building new cities and the capitals. Within the reconstructions after war, the desire for modernizing of cities and the integration of new national discourse into urbanism of the new capitals, the government of each state in interwar period surrounded with several architects and urbanists in order to introduce the radical political transformation of the empire multi-ethnic cities. Search for national identity, desire for Europeanising and the enthusiasm for modernizing emphasized even more by multinational admiration for modern technologies, all these were reasons for building of European cities as Prague, Bucharest, Bratislava, Sarajevo, Budapest or Kaunas.

The aim of this two-day international conference is a return to the recent research and to the reflection on the fact how the history of these two cities could be written down today. Nationalism and modernism were not the only two driving forces which were supporting the development of these different places. Which were other conditions for building new cities in interwar period of the Central, Eastern and South-western Europe? Which kind of role the infrastructure and the new technologies played? In which way the old practices and the new objects of everyday life contributed to the creation of the new national version of modernity? 

All these questions will be discussed at the conference organized in BOZAR as a part of Remembering 1918, a yearlong programme. Professor Vladimír Šlapeta, invited jointly by BOZAR, the Czech centre in Brussels and Representation of the South Moravian Region in Brussels, will be giving a speech on the topic of Czechoslovak architecture in interwar period, particularly on the two cities, Brno and Zlín.


When: 16 - 18 November 2018, debate with Professor Šlapeta on 17 November at 4:30pm

Where: Bozar, Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussels

Tickets for one day 8€, for two days 12€

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BOZAR, rue Ravensteinstraat 23


17-nov.-2018 16:30

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