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13-feb.-2019 - 14-feb.-2019

Petra Tejnorová and Tereza Ondrová at Brusels Dance!

Somewhere between the ‚burn-out‘ and ‚brown-out‘, and diseases of the 21st  century, there are two women, standing in front of each other like palindrome in the reflection of deformed mirror where both of them are losing their sense and rediscovering their animality.   

Czech dancer Tereza Ondrová and director Petra Tejnorová created a dancing duo under the leadership of the choreographer Karin Ponties. This choreography is characteristic by its expression of absurdity, intimate explorations, animality and by interpersonal relationships.

There is nothing more that can wreck a human being than his effort to accomplish absurdist tasks in order to obtain completely unreasonable results. In the world where sense is merely a matter of superficial beauty, a lunatic emerges as to confront us in relation to our normality and allows releasing our repressed emotions.    

Conception and choreography: Karine Ponties

Performes: Tereze Ondrová and Petra Tejnorová

Karin Ponties is an author of nearly 40 pieces of work, for example of "Every Direction Is North" (Price of Golden Mask for the best modern dancing performance in Russia), "Holeulone" (the best dancing performance in the francophone Belgium) or "Brutalis" (the SACD price).

Trailer here.

The festival also features the Project Bach show by Italian company Aterballetto which works partly witha  choreography by Jiří Kylián, one of the greatest contemporary Czech choreographers. More: https://bit.ly/2TbjhPA

When: 13 February 2019 at 7pm/ 14 February 2019 at 8:30pm

Where: Théâtre Le 140, avenue Eugène Plasky 140, 1030 Schaerbeek, Brussels

Tickets (8 – 18EUR) here




Van: 13-feb.-2019
T/m: 14-feb.-2019

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