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7-feb.-2018 20:30

Theatre play “The After Party“: Legacy of Václav Havel in Brussels

What does the legacy of Václav Havel mean for Europe today? Is a new alliance possible? How would the Adam and Eve landscape look like in today's politics? Play “The After Party“ directed by Belgian Pieter De Buysser tries to find out answers for these and many other questions. The play will be performed in Belgian premiere in coproduction by Kaaitheater / ROBIN (Brussels) and Archa Theatre (Prague).

Havel’s legacy

The master of ceremonies appointed by Václav Havel finds an EU commissioner asleep under the conference table. Things clearly got out of hand, but what if this is the morning when things turn out for the best? Pieter De Buysser presents a play about magnanimity and magic, about human failings and the glorious dawn of politics. What is the significance of Václav Havel’s legacy for Europe today? Might the spirit of the former president inspire a new alliance? What would the landscape of Adam and Eve look like in the contemporary political context? Would this revolutionary couple now take the plunge themselves to escape from the old-fashioned ‘paradise’?“

De Buysser has looked up to Václav Havel and on his legacy he wanted to create a play for two players who find themselves in the middle of confusion, personal and global crises at the same time. They dive down to the bottom and something new emerges from the bottom. That's Afterparty.

„The play of our time,

the pop song of our souls,

the after party of our rituals.

 It is 5 o‘clock in the morning at Prague Castle. Paradise seems far away. Jan Ptáček, the Master of Ceremonies, appointed by the long-since vanished, much loved and wise president, lifts the tablecloth and discovers Fanny Racine, an EU-official. Certain things got out of hand. But some things went magically well as well. Well, well, well, what is that well?“

Vladimír Javorský and Christelle Cornil perform in this play by Pieter De Buysser.

Performance will be held in Czech and French, subtitled in French, English and Dutch.

Read more about the play here.


When:7 February 2018, 8:30PM

Where: Kaaitheater Brussels, Square Sainctelette 19, 1000 Brussels

Tickets and more information here.




7-feb.-2018 20:30

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