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10-okt.-2019 00:00 - 11-jan.-2020 00:00

Adam Vačkář: Afterlife

“You just want and want and want. You believe in yourself excessively. You don't believe in Nature anymore. It's too isolated from you. You've abstracted it. It's so messy and damaged and sad. Your eyes glaze as you travel life's highway past all the crushed animals and the Big Gulp cups. You don't even take pleasure in looking at nature photographs these days. Oh, they can be just as pretty as always, but don't they make you feel increasingly ... anxious? Filled with more trepidation than peace?”

― Joy Williams, Ill Nature


Of course, they do, because we know only too well, we are on the brink of losing all the extraordinary beauty we can see on those overly photoshopped idyllic images, bursting with supernatural colours and glaring from travelling guides, animal documentaries or the latest national geographic special - the irony. It is precisely these images, which leave the ‘bad stuff’ out, that make us increasingly aware that we are doing too little, too late. Can you feel that? The guilt? The regret? Now would be a good moment to become a little hysteric, at the very least. Laura Amann, October 2019 (shortened)

From his educational and socially-oriented projects based on a concrete ecological crisis in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, his work gradually transformed into a socio-critical dystopia of the future. In his latest projects, he deals with the post-apocalypse, the beauty of toxicity and the vanity of destruction. In his installations, Adam Vačkář uses various types of industrial waste - glass, plastic and steel combined with wood and other natural and found objects. His works are influenced by the intuitive aesthetics of Czech surrealism in which painted objects stimulate associative thinking. Adam Vačkář’s goal is to create a hypothetical reality where waste is accepted as part of a toxic reality.

In focus of his works stands the production for the mass society as the new matter provided for new materialism; the devastation caused by industrialization; technologies of mass production and distribution; the turn of living tissue into plastic medium and transforming landscapes. 

Vačkář is the co-founder of Prague-based collective Hope Recycling Station, which organizes lectures and projects by international artists, curators, writers and philosophers. He holds MA from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts in Paris and BA from the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, he has participated in le Pavillon, the artist-in-residence program in Palais de Tokyo and Residency Unlimited in New York. Vackar has presented his work in a diverse international group and solo shows in Centre Pompidou, Centre Pompidou Metz, Palais de Tokyo, National Gallery in Prague, SMAK in Gent and others.


When: 10.  10. 2019 - 11. 1. 2020

Where: FdG Projects – Frédéric de Goldschmidt Collection, 11, Rue de Barchon, 1000 Brussels

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Van: 10-okt.-2019 00:00
T/m: 11-jan.-2020 00:00

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