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Opening of the exhibitiont: 700th Anniversary of Charles IV., the Emperor on Four Thrones

The exhibition organized under the patronage of Věra Jourová presents Charles IV. not only as a steadfast politician, but also as an ordinary man, who has common concerns of everyday’s life (he fears about the fate of his children – tries to secure their future, he suffers from diseases, enjoys his life, etc.). And as every other person, he also has traits, that sometimes help him to resolve his life situation and sometimes make it rather more complicated. Anyway, Charles IV. is a historical figure, who sees the world around him in a broader context and uses his faith and education in order to fulfill his own nationally-dynastic conceptions. When: 18th May – 9th June 2016 Where: European Commission, Berlaymont Exhibition Hall, 1st floor, Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200, 1040 Brussels