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1989 - 2019

1989: The year of change

In 1989, a swift, surprising turn of events brought the end of the communist regime. Democracy was established in a peaceful “Velvet revolution.” After four decades of totalitarian oppression, trauma of the Soviet occupation and almost complete annihilation of civic liberties, cultural and intellectual elites emerged from their forced dissent and took the lead, including the writer and playwright Václav Havel, the first Czechoslovak president to be. A new chapter of Czech history started. Among its central moments were also the Czech accession to the NATO (1999) and – together with 9 other states – to the EU (2004). Thirty years ago, the door opened for unification of Europe and for a free development of Czech society.

Czech Centre Brussels gives an insight into the significance of these events for the Czech Republic as a European country in a multitude of events dealing with cultural dissent, revolution change, the power of civic engagement and European integration. Follow our news!

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2019 anniversary: 30 years of democracy, 20 years in NATO, 15 years in EU but also 80 years since the WWII started and Czechoslovakia was occupied by the Hitler troops...

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