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Czech artists at the group exhibition “Somewhere in Between“


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Newsletter // June 2018






29. 06. 2018

Czech Street Party 2018

11th edition of the Czech Street Party in Brussels

29. 06. 2018

Deus Ex Machina: Prague Spring

On Wednesday June 20th, the Flemish literary magazine Deus ex Machina together with the Czech Centre in Brussels have put together a special issue focused on Prague Spring. Series of readings offered an interesting insight into this troubled period of Czech and Czechoslovak history thanks to the poems of Václav Hrabět or photographs by Pavel Baňka. The event took place in the Prague House in Brussels.

15. 06. 2018

Koudelka - Prague Invasion 1968

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Prague in 1968, Czech Centre together with partners organized an exhibition of photos by Josef Koudelka, a living legend of contemporary photography. As a part of Summer Of Photography 2018.

12. 06. 2018

Student revolt of the 1960s with Karel Kovanda

The screening of the "Student revolt of the 1960s " took place on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at the Prague House. The guest of the discussion was a Czech diplomat, later the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to NATO and the United Nations, Karel Kovanda, who in November 1968 conducted a student strike. Photo by Noemi Smolik


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